The Classic -Scented 9oz Jar Candles



Our candles are a perfect blend of Soy and Paraffin that has been highly refined and naturally derived to insure a safe clean burn. We pour in small batches to maintain a quality you will come to expect from PTCAC.

-All of The Classic jar candles have a wooden wick.

- From wick to wax and color to scent, our candles are made with Non-Toxic materials and constantly enjoyed not only in our household but also our family and friends.

- Every glass container is packed with 7oz of usable scented wax and we then seal it with a rustic style twist-lid.

9 oz. Jar: 4.76H x 2.91W | Burn Time: 30-40 hours+ | Recommended for Small Rooms or Spaces. For large rooms or open floor plans, we recommend burning multiple candles throughout the space.

  • Beach Linen 4 in stock

  • Caribbean Teakwood 3 in stock

  • Cashmere Plum 5 in stock

  • Cinnamon Rolls 1 in stock

  • Fruit Slices 1 in stock

  • Jungle Juice 3 in stock

  • Lemon Pound Cake 2 in stock

  • Melanin 2 in stock

  • Michelle 2 in stock

  • Royale 1 in stock

  • Sea Salt & Orchid 3 in stock

  • Spa Day 1 in stock

  • Spellbound 1 in stock

  • Strawberry Cream 1 in stock